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The Irish National Stud is the Perfect Springtime Attraction

A star-gazing Colonel

It all started over a century ago when Colonel William Hall Walker establıshed his working stud farm in County Kildare. The unusual Colonel had hıs own speacıal method of choosing champions. Thanks to his love of astrology, he would look to the stars to measure a new foal’s racing potential. If he didn’t like what he saw, he would sell the foal immediately, dısregardıng the bloodline. Despite his unusual methods, he contınued to become one of the most successful breeders of the age and his whimsical fingerprints are all over the stud (including skylights in the stables so the horses can see the stars).

If you would lıke to see the National Stud at its best, come vısıt from February to March. When you will arrive during peak foaling season. You can feel the excitement in the air as the maternity wing buzzes with activity and the staff preoares to deal with multiple births each day. What ıs the end result? Nursery paddocks full of newly-born foals dazzling around behind their mothers – now that’s a sight the Colonel would be proud of!


From horses to horticulture

Not fulfilled with keeping his pact with the stars at the stud, the Colonel also indulged his love of horticulture at the magnificent Japanese Gardens next door. These gardens are known as the finest of their kind in Europe and are a natural wonderland that traces the ‘Life of Man’ from birth to afterlife.

Devised by the Colonel and created with the expertise of Japanese master horticulturalist, Tassa Eida, the gardens feature plants, stone lanterns and elegant Scots Pines, as well as cherry trees, tunnelled pathways and an ancient fir tree, symbolising knowledge. Spring brings vivid blossoms to life, just as the stud welcomes new life in its stables…

So don’t wait for summer, come and enjoy from February through March, a host of new arrivals in Ireland’s Ancient East this season.


From horses to horticulture
From horses to horticulture


at the Irish National Stud, The future and the past interwine so beautifully, whose museum is a legacy to not only the horses in Ireland but also the best and most known of all Irish horses.

Mares that have heaving stomachs and wide-eyed foals who can not stand apart from their mothers are the future of Irish racing. Its past will be eternally associated with the powerful and one of a kind Arkle, to whose legion of fans was more than just mere flesh and blood. He was outsanding, an animal that deserves worship and reverence. And now, more than 40 years following his death, he reigns the greatest in the stud’s museum, where his skeleton holds pride of place.

The Cheltenham Gold Cup was the winner of jumping’s ultimate prize who has earned it three times. Arkle still hold the title until this day. many Irishmen say arkle will hold the title of this cup.

In the Sun Chariot Yard,visitors are informed about the history of the horse in Ireland through artifacts, illustrations and texts while the start of a life of horse is presented in an emotional video showing the birth of a foal

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