Shire horse

The Shire horse from the British family is a calm and good-natured race with 180 cm height and 1 ton weight. Because it is one of the heaviest horses, it is slightly slower than other horses. But it’s quite strong. It has the capacity to take 5 tons of weight easily.

Although Belgium horse is heavier, it is shorter than the Shire horse. It is used in heavy duty transportation. The performance is very good. The Shire horse is strong enough to carry a fully equipped cavalryman with armor and weaponry.


Shire horse

According to the legend, the Shire horse, one of the middle Ages horses, was developed only two centuries after the age of the armored warrior soldiers. There are long hairs called as ‘Telek’ on the back and sides of their feet. This horse is very colorful. The color of Suffolk Horses is brownish brown. There is no color other than this color. It is easily recognized by its feature and can be distinguished from the Shire horse. The Clydesdale horses are native horses of Scotland, which have been breeding since the 18th century. Because it isn’t as big as the Shire horse, it is agiler then it. There are white feathers on the legs and sometimes in the lower parts of the body. Like the Shire horse, the Clydesdale horse has tassels of great white feathers, from silk to knee to ankles. In many ways, this horse, which resembles Suffolk Horse, never changes its color and is always white and blackish.



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