Race Horses

Race Horses

The race horses are specially trained and used in important races and very expensive horses. While they are still colt, they are trained in a very special way by horse breeders. Before the training process, it is determined whether they are suitable for the races or not. It is important that the race horses are specially trained and suitable for the race.

To love the horses

The biggest thing the race horses need is love. Communication with horses is established with love. It is very important to treat them well, to communicate with friendly feelings. You can only be friends with them this way. The same applies to race horses. The more you love, the more successful they are in races.

Race Horses Training

During the training process of race horses, some movements must be taught to them. It is absolutely necessary to treat them well during the training and do not tire them too much. Otherwise they will get cranky and start causing trouble. Some exercises must be done before warming horses. For example, for obstacle races, it is started from low-altitude targets and then training of other courses is given.

The other important detail in race horses training is their nutrition and health conditions. The establishment of special facilities for racing horses and the provision of services by competent nutritionists and experienced veterinarians in these facilities is essential. The place where they live must be in the appropriate conditions that have been taken precautions against adverse weather conditions.


Race Horses
Race Horses

Cleaning and maintenance of race horses is very important. The place where the horses live must be clean and in accordance with the rules of hygiene. It is imperative that the places where they live be cleaned and their food be given on time. Otherwise, they might have trouble in the races. In addition, race horses the slightest accident or injury to take early precautions and should be treated.


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