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Protective Leg Boots for Horses

Have you ever seen horses on television wearing leg protection and wondered why it is used? Some might even wonder if their own horse needs to use this kind of equipment or not. Even though they are called ‘boots’, they don’t provide the same function as ‘hoof boots’. The item that helps care for the fragile structures of the leg from bumps against barriers or from the hooves of the horse is called leg boots. Since perfomance horses have the tendency to strain their tendons and ligaments in the legs, this is where the leg boots come in handy in providing support. Since horses have no kind of padding from muscle tissue in the lower leg, the leg boots are used to help avoid possible injuries that incapacitate the horses legs..
Besides horses with pre-existing conditions that require protection, most backyard horses do not usually need any kind of leg protection. Yet, some horses have a natural inclination to over-reaching, forging, or interfering and harming oneself despite how buoyant their workload is. Just as a person can trip over their own feet when weak, lacking of favorable figure might cause them to hit themselves, particularly after they get exhausted. Young horses that are just starting may knock themselves due to the fact that they are not as stable enough as an older horse. Therefore, performance horses – hunters, jumping, endurance horses, barrel race, reiners, and several others are the horses that can profit from the support and protection of a leg boot.

Leg Boots for Horses
Leg Boots for Horses

No matter the circumstance, whether it would be your horses specific problem, or what sport you are competing in, there are many boots to choose from. Manufacturers don’t always use the exact same name to describe all boots. Some boots are multifunctional, where they function as both a boot that is a sports medicine boot and a skid boot.

It’s crucial that leg protection is well fit, clean and in the case of bell boots used for stabling or turn out, checked frequently in case the boots are chaffing.  Built up sweat, grit, and dust can create uncomfort while wearing the boots, so cleaning them frequently is essential. Listed below are the most commonly used leg protection or leg boots.


1-Bell Boots

These boots surround the pastern and the bell shape wraps the entire hoof. They can be made of rubber, heavy synthetic material or leather lined with fleece. In the stall or paddock, or during riding are three different ways bell boots are worn. In either case, they keep the horse from hitting itself, particularly where the terrain may be rough or muddy, and where a horse is negotiating obstacles like jumps, provide some protection from hitting a hard surface. Bell boots can be worn both on the front or back.


2-Fetlock Ring

A simple rubber donut, named a fetlock ring, could be used for turnout or riding to keep the horse from injuring its back fetlocks. This ring stretches over the hoof and rests on the lower fetlock, though you may need strong hands to do this.

Leg Wraps

Leg wraps were used before there were all sorts of specialy designed leg boots. The most common type used for riding are polo wraps and standing bandages are used in the stable.


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