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Percheron Horse

Percheron Horse

The history of the Percheron Horse, which has been used in wars and agriculture throughout history, is the city of Perche in France. This breed, which is very popular in the United States and Canada, can live up to an average of 25 years.


Percheron horse features

The muscular, durable and strong structure of the Percheron horse’s feet and legs are compatible with each other. Its breasts are wide and deep. The muscles and joints of the anterior legs are flexible. The Percheron horse is used as load carrying horse because it is balanced. This horse with large eyes and dislocations has a wide forehead and a flat face. These horses, which have elegant ears and are very gentle, are similar to Arabian horses. They adapt easily to different climatic conditions and are durable. These horses, which are usually black and gray in color, are capable of carrying the heaviest loads. It can also be trained for hurdles. Some have white spots on the head and feet. There are around 1 ton of weights and 2 meter lengths. Although Percheron horses are so imposing and large, they are very delicate, gentle and docile animals. In England, these horses are often used in advertisements, agriculture and high jump races.


Percheron Horse
Percheron Horse

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