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Mustang Horse

Mustang Horse

Mustang Horse is the name given to the liberated horses by the liberated horses that the Europeans brought to the continent after the discovery of America. The Spanish state sent the powerful and robust race horses to America. The Indians who learned to ride horses brought here for transportation, then liberated these animals. They did the same thing for the horses who settled in America. These horses, a mixture of Spanish and Moroccan horses, thus began to live freely in nature. In the 1900s, there were around 2 million Mustang horse. When horses used to live free in nature began to damage cultivated lands and farms, they were killed by farmers, and so their numbers decreased to a few thousand. Today, it is estimated to be around 40,000 Mustang. These horses were from the Spanish race before. Then he mated horses from different races and joined the Mustangs. Thus, purebred race characteristics were lost.
Mustang Horse
Mustang Horse

Characteristics of Mustangs

Mustangs live in nature and reproduce naturally in natural ways. They are very strong because they live in a natural environment. Their genes are also evolving strongly. They have stronger bone structure and tendons than domestic horses. The average length of the Mustang horse is 142 cm and does not have a pronounced shape, length or color as they multiply from mixed breeds. They have a length of 130-160 CM. They are mixed in color such as spotted, black and skin color.

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