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Morgan Horse

The oldest horse breed developed in America and used as a horse, horse and cavalry horse in the old history, Morgan’s horse is named after American composer and horse breeder Justin Morgan who produced this breed in 1700s. Morgan horse was used in horse races in the 19th century due to its speed and durability. In addition, due to these properties in 1848-1855 in the US used in the army transportation. These horses, which were very popular at the time, were grown in England from 1860.


Morgan horse features

Strong legs, large eyes, large forehead, esthetic neck belts, upright shoulders and convex profile can easily be distinguished from other horse breeds. The back parts are muscular and the tails are elegant and raised. When measured horizontally, they are 14.1-15.2 hand-sized. Their weight is between 400-450 kg. Although the Morgan horse is usually black and brown, it can also be in different colors such as gray, silver, caramel and cream.


The use of Morgan horses

Since the Morgan horse is a very sensitive and friendly horse, it is suitable for use by professional riders. Novice riders may experience some difficulty. Because it can be difficult to control. Of course, this depends on the horse’s upbringing style. These horses, with their superior abilities, can show their talent after a good training.


Morgan horse general health

In general, routine health checks should be performed, although there is not a very healthy and hereditary disease. These features make Morgan horse a very harmonious race.

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