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Mongolian Horse

Mongolian Horse

It is very important for the Mongolian horse to be fed with grass, which is a short, strong and durable horse breed. Although they are short-legged, these horses have the ability to run fast, are also bred for horse riding. Mongolian horses are especially important in terms of Mongol history.


Characteristics of Mongolian Horse from ancient dates to present

Genghis Khan used Mongolian horses with strong structure and genes as he founded the world’s largest empire. These horses, whose genes are very strong today, are very important in Mongolia. The Mongolian horse with an average length of 145 centimeters, tall mane and tails, are considered sacred by the people. Mongolian horses are particularly successful in transportation and long distance running. Mongolian horses are species that are naturally fed and live in a natural environment. These animals fed in natural meadows are preferred in Mongolia because it is a horse that is easily care. Mongolian horses have been preferred much from past to present.

At the time of Genghis Khan in ancient times, when long distances were desired, horses waiting on the road after a certain road from time to time and horse exchange were made. And with these horses, long distances could be overcome. Now the same races are organized with Mongolian horse. These are the races that can last for days.




Mongolian Horse
Mongolian Horse

As a result, Mongolian horses were one of the major factors in the success of the wars that the Mongols had won in ancient times. If these horses didn’t live, maybe the Mongols wouldn’t be so successful. From this situation, you can understand how important the Mongolian horse is.

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