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Lipizzan Horse

Lipizzan Horse

This breed of horse, with its unique beauty, well-natured, strong, specially trained, high quality and up to 160 cm tall, is very muscular and long lasting. The Lipizzan horse, which can live for an average of 35 years, is a very noble horse, although it can be a late-growing race. The feathers are white and adapt to the environmental conditions in a short time. Because of their calm and benign nature, it is a frequently preferred type of animal. Its relationship with rider is good and is a kind of submissive horse. Her beauty is very impressive. It was used as a war horse centuries ago and it was cultivated. It is also appreciated by riders, because of its harmonious, easy to be trained and good-natured nature.  

Lipizzan Horse characteristics from ancient times to present

Lipizzan horses, which were first grown in the 1500s, have superior characteristics. Until the 1800s, they changed places at various times. Emperor Napoleon loved these horses. Then, the Arabian horse, which was tried to be developed with the Lipizzan Horse, were mated with the horses of their two races. When their numbers increased, they were taken to Vienna with their offspring to Kladrub. Later, due to historical events and developments, this horse species spread to three countries. The majority remained in Italy, while the offspring remained in Czechoslovakia. The remaining horses were taken to Australia. Then a few more countries tried to raise this horse. Lipizzan horses were about to extinct in the 1550s. For this reason, studies are carried out to prevent extinction.
Lipizzan horse
Lipizzan horse

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