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How Horses Feed

How Horses Feed

Alfalfa, grain-shaped fodder and meadow grass are the favorite foods of the horses from herbivorous family. These nutrients are the main sources of nutrients for horses. They also eat ready feeds. Horses are fed according to their intended use (High protein or diet). The grain feeds used in the feeding of horses are divided into two as protein and energy. When feeding horses, you can feed with foods that contain as much protein and energy as you want. Horses should be fed according to their individual characteristics and a nutritional program must be prepared. Nutritional program varies according to the weight, age and use of the horse. The performance of horses in their feeding process should be considered as criteria. These details are for the answer of the question How Horses Feed. The feeding of the horse is very important in terms of preserving its health and performance and should be very careful when feeding it. Horses ‘ stomachs are quite small compared to their size. Stomach capacity consists of approximately %70 of the entire digestive tract. Therefore horses should be fed very often and regularly. If you exceed the stomach capacity, it can be dangerous and harmful. The feeding times of horses should be at certain hours and periods. It is suitable to be fed 4 times a day. If you disrupt this nutrition program, the horses will be hungry and eat more when you feed. In such cases, stomach rupture or tympanitis may occur in horses. The ideal nutrition content in herbivorous animals is as follows:
How Horses Feed
How Horses Feed
  • Grain feeds
  • Water
  • Dry weed

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