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Horse Training

Before starting the horse training, the trainer and the horse must know each other. In addition, the instructor should know the structure, temperament and character of the horse. The harmony between the trainer and the horse also affects the successful completion of the training and facilitates training. In the training process, some technical trainings are given.


Things to do in horse training

  • It is very important that the horse’s diet is regular. Because friendly horses need less protein, overfeeding of these horses is not recommended.
  • They are trained to calm aggressive horses, and they are taught how to treat them.
  • The best way to feed horses is to feed them manually. Others should not be allowed to do that.
  • The horses should be warned in an authoritarian tone and some prohibitions should be applied.
  • To stop the horses, the reins should be used as a last resort.
  • No violence on horses. Instead, the body language should be taught and controlled by the body signs.
  • In horse training, the navel button should be directed to the desired direction.


Horse Training
Horse Training

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