Horse Milk

Horse milk is obtained from female horse, which is one of the animals with herbivore mammals. The milk color of this agile animal is pure white, fluid and very useful in terms of health. Even though it is a bit difficult to find, it has a feature that increases body resistance thanks to its mineral and vitamin content. It is used in the treatment of many diseases. Regulates the balance of cholesterol and adds energy to the body. It is an excellent solution for stress and muscle aches, especially in the treatment of skin and skin diseases (such as wounds and eczema). It is an effective food in intestinal diseases and in the regular operation of the digestive system. The main reason why its use is not very widespread is that its benefits are not yet known by everyone. It is also used in the production of cosmetics such as soap, shampoo and cream. It is preferred in cosmetics products especially because it is beneficial for skin problems. Although horse milk is very useful, we recommend that you take an allergy test before using. It may not show the same reaction in everyone.


Horse Milk
Horse Milk

Horse milk production

In the production of horse milk, which is very common in Europe, very high quality milk is provided from well-fed and well-maintained horses at horse farms. Care should be taken when milking the breasts of horses with strong body structures. It is made by conventional method or by milking machines. This milk, which is slightly more expensive than milk obtained from other animals, is packed and ready for sale. It can be purchased from horse farms or from the internet.

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