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Horse Features

Horse Features

Horses are intelligent and emotional animals that have an important place in human life and are used for different purposes from past to present. Most of the time, the horses are the closest friends of their owners. There are many interesting horse features such as its love and devotion to its owners, to recognize the smell of the owner and to be attached to him with love. Horses are divided into many breeds and groups among themselves. For example, the horses used in the past were animals such as horses, war horses and riding horse. Many horse features vary according to the climate of the region where they live. Although horse features vary according to various breeds and climates, all of them have an average body temperature of 38 degrees.  

Physical properties of horse

  • Horses don’t have collarbone bones. For this reason, they can take much larger steps and run fast.
  • They live on average for 20-25 years. But they can live for 30 years in good conditions.
  • Leg bones are very strong and they sleep on their feet. Their bones are solid, so they never fall asleep.
  • They can rotate their ears 180 degrees and are very sensitive to sounds.
  • They can see and recognize a limited number of colors.
  • Light and dark colors distinguish red and blue, but they cannot distinguish between gray and green.
  • The feathers work like a thermostat to adjust the body temperature. This is one of the interesting horse features. Because the temperature varies according to each climate and region, the colors and feathers of horses also change.
  • Its fingernails grow longer. It should be cut between 4-6 weeks. The hooves must be removed and reattached.
  • Because horses are on both sides of their eyes, they can see between an average distances of 160-170 degrees.
  • Their vision is narrow, but they see shorter distances in depth. Brain functions focus in this way.
  • They are sensitive to tone of voice. They can differentiate emotions according to the level of sound.
  • It weighs about 1 ton and is about two meters high.  He owes his ability to overcome the obstacles for meters.
  • They are very fast animals and can reach an average speed of 64 km per hour.
Horse Features

The characteristics of horses

are generally as above. The horse, which is an emotional and loyal animal, impresses people with its noble stance. They are mammals that multiply by giving birth like humans. Since transportation vehicles were used in the new age, horses were isolated from being used as transportation vehicles. Today, it is only used as a race horse and some horse sports clubs have been established. In addition, those who want to do nature sports together with horses in the nature are doing sport training.

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