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Horse Breeds

Horse Breeds

In general, horse breeds are named differently according to their breed. They are divided into different categories according to their hereditary characteristics. Even though there is little difference between horses, there are significant differences between them. For example, a horse born in a different country, even though it is physically similar to other horses, is actually different from others in terms of breed. Similar species are mated with each other so that horses are not hybrids in terms of their appearance. The horses, whose breed is determined, keep their breeders together with their horses when they are smaller. This situation is very important not to mix horse breeds. The name given to this situation is selective production types. For the continuity and standardization of races, horse breeds should be kept in different places. Otherwise, some hereditary diseases occur in different breeds, i.e. hybrids. In addition, some problems may occur physically. This situation makes the use of horse breeds that have problems from the physical structure and the horse causes trouble to its owner.

Horse Breeds Differences and Basic Characteristics

Differences between horse breeds are classified according to the intended use of horses. There are horse breeds that are used for racing and horse breeds that are used in heavy duty and transportation. The definition of difference made here is expressed as friendly and warm horse breeds. The horse races used in sports activities are called friendly horses, and the horses races used in heavy-duty works such as transport and field works are called calm horses. The most fundamental difference is due to this.

What are Horse Breeds?

  • French riding horse breed
  • Arabian horse breed
  • Trakehner horse breed
  • Haflinger
  • Akhal horse breed
  • Akhal Teke horse breed
  • American Spotted Horse Breed
  • American Mustang Horse Breed
  • Irish horse breed
  • Andalusian horse breed
  • Russian nuclear horse breed
  • Lipizzan horse breeds
  • Camargue horse breed
  • Oldenburg horse breeds
  • Haflinger horse breed
  • Morgan horse breeds

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