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Friesian Horse

Friesian Horse

The origin of the Friesian horse is based on the city of Friesland, the northernmost part of the Netherlands, which was selected and bred in the city and descended from Equus Robustus in Europe. The Friesian horse differs from other breeds with its steep neck set, thick luxury Mane and tail characteristics. They’re usually black. It was used by the Knights and Nobles in wars and tournaments in the past. He was known as “Destrier” before history. It used in farm work and transportation in the following periods. Some breeders raised a light and refined horse for races that were popular in Europe and the Netherlands in the 1700 and 1800’s. After World War, the races began to run out. Friesian horse has recently been cultivated by private breeders in the field of horse riding.

Friesian Horse
Friesian Horse

Friesian Horse Typical Features

are usually in black color, and they are
animals who love water very much. They are famous for their beauty and can live
alone in the wild. They are obedient, proud, strong, loyal, cheerful, and
good-tempered. They have strong communication with their riders. It is also a
versatile horse. It’s easy to work with these horses in which they can be
easily trained. Trainers know how good they can learn and how fresh their
memory is.


Friesian Horse Physical features

They have large bones, long head, and
arched necked, muscular and strong structures. This kind of horse, which is
divided into two as modern and baroque, can run fast. Modern type of horses; have
taller and finer bones than athletes horses. The baroque horses are more
traditional horses and have shorter, more durable and more feathers.

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