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French Rahvan Horse

French Rahvan Horse

Since horse races were very popular in early 19th century, most of the horses grown in France were bred for racing. The French Rahvan horse is a somewhat big and heavy race like the Normandy ancestors. However, over time, thoroughbred genes gave this race a more refined form. In the process of breeding the French Rahvan horse, cavalry horses were also used. These modified genes have improved the walking styles, steps and speeds of horses. There are also American Standard bred genes in this horse. These horses, having a two-step diagonal walk, began to be officially produced in 1922. In 1937, in order to preserve the unique characteristics of the French Rahvan horse, breeding with other horses was stopped. Nowadays, these horses are the most popular horse breeds in France and they are strong race horses.  

French Rahvan Horse Features

The training processes are very easy because they are calm, gentle and obedient and quick jumps. Due to its strong structure and robust contours, it is used especially in equestrian schools. The durability of the French Rahvan horse and its distinctive style of walking are among the most well-known features. Fast, durable and very active because it is very preferred. This is the reason why it is the first choice in horse races. It is also used in snow joring sports.
French Rahvan Horse
French Rahvan Horse
  The heads of the French Rahvan horses are straight and large, the eyes are wide, the nostrils are wide, and the necks have a length that is proportional and wide. Her shoulders are sloping and her breasts are deep and wide. The bones of the chest are clear. The back is strong, wide and long. Although their length is short, they can run fast with strong muscles. It has smooth joints and strong hooves. The French Rahvan horses, with proportional tails and noble appearance, are gray, black, chestnut, brown and Laurel colors.

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