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Four Tasks To Do This Spring

The grass is growing. The weather is getting warmer and competition season is moving closer into full swing even though it feels like we have only just escaped the gloomy nights and muddy fields of winter. Here are four tasks to do this month to prepare for the summer season.you should consider what we say.


if your field has been in use over winter, it likely needs a bit of attention if you want to guarantee obtaining the most from your graze over the summer.

Jonathon Cox, Managing Director of Suregrow Fertilizer Ltd, gave his two cents: “It’s time to harrow. Harrowing basically combs the paddock, helping to level hoof divots and mole hills as well as pulling out dead grass and aerating the ground to increase new growth.

“It is best to start weed control early, spray and chop them. Follow this up with a fertiliser — like Suregrow — to thicken the sward of grass and help stop the weeds coming back.”


it’s important to check your horse’s weight

Equines naturally lose weight during the winter time, before regaining it, comes the spring, but modern-day practises often indicate that horses maintain their weight, so it’s crucialt to check your horse’s weight before the spring grass takes hold. Weight can be watched carefully using weigh tapes, weigh bridges or body condition scoring.

Emmeline Hannelly, Welfare Education Manager at the British Horse Society clarifies that “Overweight horses are anxiously becoming the norm. Horses carrying too much weight are at an increased risk of damaging health poblems such as equine metabolic syndrome and laminitis.

“Both conditions can be hard to manage so preventing is key to help safeguard your horse’s prosperity. Watching your horse’s weight carefully and getting your hands on to fat score at least every two weeks can help recognize any weight gain and ensure suitable action is directly examinated through the horse’s diet, management and exercise. When we see our horse’s daily, slight changes can often be overlooked so taking pictures on the regular can be a big help”.


Four tasks to do this spring
Four tasks to do this spring

Develope a fitness plan — then stick to it


It is usually difficult to find the time, or daylight hours, to ride as much as we’d like to over the winter, but now’s the perfect time to get your horses as fit as possible so you can make the most of the summer.

Elaborate your own fitness plan to gradually amplify you and your horse’s fitness levels, keep in mind your future plans for the upcoming summer.

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