Colt Horse

Colt horse is a herd of horses in the group of herbivore mammals and claws. It requires care until 3 years of birth. There are many different types of horse breeds colt. These colts are very cute, with a very colorful, short ear, long hairy coat and tail. Since they are baby, they are not used for transportation or horseback riding during the development and growth process. It is an agile, active and strong animal with a bone structure and is also loyal. Because its instinct is so strong, it feels dangers instantly.


Colt horse
Colt horse

Colt Care

The colt, which is taken away from the natural habitat, is living with some special care process. Especially in terms of nutrition, it certainly needs mother’s milk. In order to continue its development, it should be fed with animal feed supplements. Meeting the daily water requirement is also an important.

Colt care is evaluated by providing the ideal living environment and making a grooming system. Sometimes brushing and cutting of colt feathers, regular vaccination, they are exposed in an open field and they are shown love.

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