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British Horse

British Horse

The British horse is not a horse of England origin, unlike the one known. In England between 1683 and 1730, Darley Arabian, Byerley Turk and Godolphin Arabian stallions were obtained by a multi – faceted hybridization method. All the purebred British horses were produced from the Arabian stallion and the British mares in the same way. The purebred British Horse which takes its intelligence and endurance from the Arabian horse, its size and speed from the British horse, can run short distances fast. The British horse, with an ostentatious body, can make up to 150 meters in a short period of time when it runs along with the purebred Arabian horse.

So in horse races, the Arabian and British races are run between them. In many countries of the world, Arabian horses are not run in horse races. British horse in our country, in particular are grown as a race horse at the Turkey Jockey Club and private stud farms. The British horse run as a racehorse was first run in 1922 at the Veliefendi Hippodrome. The British horse is both a good racehorse and a horse. Horses in this race are usually trained to be used in races.

British Horse
British Horse

What are the characteristics of the British horse?

  • The British horse’s feather
    color is usually white and sorrel. There is also a rare British horse with
    swarthy and gray colors. There may be whiteness in the head and leg parts of
  • The height of the withers is
    between 165-170 cm.
  • British horse does not have
    adaptation problem
  • British Horse is used as race horse in
    our country
  • This horse race completes its
    development at the age of 2 and begins racing training after that age.
  • The use of horses as breeder
    begins after the age of 4
  • The duration of pregnancy of
    the British horse is between 330-340 days.


British horse running styles

The most important features of the British Horse is that it is fast and strong, that it carries the rider comfortably, and
that it follows commands quickly. Running style is one of the most important
features of the horse. When walking normally, all the feet of the horse move
separately. While increasing the speed and going in trot style, the front and
rear legs move diagonally and simultaneously. In the Ambling style, the front
and rear legs on the same side step together. In the fastest running style
called gallop, all the legs of the horse, all four legs are lifted. In this way
the galloping run is fast, but it is quite tiring for the horse. A horse
running in ambling style can catch a horse after a while which runs in gallop
style. Because the horse gets tired at the end of the run and starts to slow
down. Horse races have been organized in every culture in every society from
the past to the present. Officially, horse races were first held in the 17th
century. The British Horse is one of
the most popular horse races because of its structural features and fast


British horse has its own physical characteristics

Some of the reasons why the British Horse is preferred so much is
that it is able to maintain its speed over long distances, and it has superior
performance not only in horse racing, but also in hunting, polo, obstacle
jumping and eventing. In addition to this, the British horse is used in the
production of new horse races. The British horse, known as the symbol of speed
and endurance in the horse breeders sector, has been produced for many years
because of these features. Its slim head, clever eyes and wide eyes distinguish
it from other horse races. Muscular wide shoulders, narrow and deep columns are
among the characteristics of horses. The upper bone structure of the back legs
of the English horse and the long muscle structure are very strong. The long
thighbone is wide angle with the hip bone and the muscle structure is very

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