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Belgian Horse

Belgian Horse

The Belgian Horse is strong enough to carry even the most equipped soldiers in the middle ages and is the most popular war horse of that period. Although they are no longer used for wars today, their origin goes back to war horses. Belgian Horses, which are bred in the middle of Western Europe, described as “Big Horses” by former authors of Europe, are now known as “Flemish” in Belgium and the Netherlands. When they were carrying heavy armor-equipped warriors, they would wear special armor. It is rumored that they were also used in some parts of Europe during the time of Caesar. Now, wars are used instead of horses, technological weapons are used, and such horses are being used in different works. In industrial and Agricultural Affairs, Belgian horse power was used. When the benefits of these horses were realized, exports increased and the horse breeders in Belgium gained significantly. Belgium has begun to export the Belgian horse all over the world with this trade. Belgium, the main dormitory of the Belgian Horses, turned this into an opportunity and achieved high economic gains. These horses, formerly used as war horses, are now being used in transport. It has become a national symbol in Belgium. Since 1897, it has exported to many countries such as Russia, Germany, Italy and France and has started to trade with many countries in Europe.  
Belgian Horse
Belgian Horse

Physical properties of the Belgian Horse

The average height of the Belgian horse is more than 170 centimeters. This horse, whose weight is around 1 ton, can carry loads up to 5 times more than its own weight. Despite its strong structure and strength, it is a very humane and gentle horse. Her legs are usually white. Belgian horses are the ancestors of horses used in transport.

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