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Bashkir Horse

Bashkir Horse

This horse breed is the old mountain horse bred in the Republic of Bashkortostan in Russia. It is replicated with other horse hybridization method. The most important feature of this cute horse is its curly hair that surrounds its body. In summer, horse hair becomes curls and curly. Bashkir horse is a noble horse that attracts attention with its appearance. Prepares its body against the warm air. In the winter it turns old and the feathers become like normal horse. Due to the feather structure, it is resistant to allergy. Because of its protein structure on its feathers, it does not have an anti-microbial effect. One of the most impressive horses among the horse breeds. The Bashkir horse has a physically strong, long-legged and round body structure. It is calm, good-natured and strong horse. It is frequently used in hypo therapy study. It’s a good ride horse. It is one of the most ideal horses for those who want to learn to ride. Because it is suitable for the soft structure. It is also used in horse riding training of children. It is loyal and calm to the rider. It follows the given commands and does not cause difficulties. Because the horse has a strong body, it is also resistant to diseases.
Bashkir Horse
Bashkir Horse

Bashkir horse feeding

The Bashkir horse, which is an herbivorous animal with small stomach, should be paid much attention to its feeding. Factors such as feed quality, place of live and dental health should be checked continuously. The general care of the horse must be done by specialists. The food should be fresh grass. Dry grass and consonant feed should only be given at certain times. Because hay is an important source of nutrition for horse nutrition, quality straw should be given. Hay and dry grass should be checked before giving and taking care not to cause harmful things. Grain, sugar, sweet food, molasses, additional food should be of high quality when giving concentrate feed. The straw feed mixture should be prepared in oily form. It is also necessary to show the same care in the feeding of the colt.

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