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Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse

The Arabian horse is one of the most well-known horses since it is frequently used in horse races. Arabian horses are especially known as a clever horse species. Because they are very strong, they are used in wars in the past and today as a race horse. It is very loyal to its owner and is a popular breed in terms of its origins since ancient times. Arabian horses are the ancestors of horses used in today’s races. Arabian horse is a very submissive horse and especially responds to the love shown to it. Since the Arabian horses are very intelligent and learn the methods taught quickly, they are also used in circuses. Arab horses grew up on the Arabian Peninsula and spread all over the world.
Arabian Horse
Arabian Horse

Structure of Arabian horses

The Arabian horses have a V-shaped head, a wide forehead, a small nose and large nostrils. In many Arabian horses today, there is a bulge between their eyes that makes breathing easier in hot weather. The neck area is very wide. The Arabian horse with six vertebrae has a smaller structure than the other breeds. Although this feature appears to be a disadvantage, it can easily carry heavy people. Their tail is naturally raised. The Arabian horses are around 140-150 cm in average and not a very tall horse. While the Arabian horses are usually multicolored, their skin color is black and its skin protects it from harmful rays from the sun. The main reason for this horse breed being used in races is that the legs and breasts are very muscular. So they can run faster and get tired later. They were used as war horses because of their durability.  

Colors of Arabian Horses

Although the color of purebred Arabian horses is gray, most people know them as white because of their natural appearance of the feathers. Many Arabian horses are born in the color of hazelnut or red when they are born. Depending on the seasonal change and the age can change the color of feathers vile, in fact, their skins are always black. Horse owners primarily want their horses to be strong, but they also pay attention to their colors. In particular, black Arabian horses are very hard to find because the owners are usually rich or lucky people. Even if there is a smallest white spot on the Arabian horse, its value decreases.  

History of Arabian Horses

According to legend, Hz. Muhammad has chosen the female of the Arabian horse. In order to learn the loyalty of the animals, their loyalty to the owner and their resilience who were thirsty in the desert on a long journey, he called back the animals who went to a water source. And only these five female horses responded to this invitation. Thus, these horses called as “El Hamse” are known as the ancestors of Arabian horses. According to another legend, it is estimated that these horses had a history of 2500 years in the Arabian Peninsula. The oldest written source mentioned in the Arabic horse dates back to 1330 B.C. In the world of Islam and Europe, these horses have also used.

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