Ahal Teke

Ahal Teke

is a kind of Turkmen horse that was accepted by scientists as the first domesticated horse species 3000 years ago. Since it is not like other horses and is very beautiful as a breed, it creates a great surprise and admiration for people who have seen it for the first time. Everyone thinks that her beauty is a myth. Ahal Teke is a horse used in races and has very successful results. For this reason, it is a well-known and popular kind of horse in European countries. It was used as a horse in the Ottoman army and gained many victories.

Ahal Teke
Ahal Teke

Ahal Teke horses are bred in Turkmenistan
and are used for the improvement of many horses. In recent years, because of
the danger of extinction of the race in many countries are being breeders. Because
they are a cold-resistant race, they are usually breeder in cold countries such
as: Russia, Germany, France and Australia.


Characteristics of Ahal Teke horses

  • They are extremely compatible
    with the owners
  • They have a soft and shiny hair
  • Clever
  • They can see very good at dark
  • They can run very fast
  • Their posture and ears are
    quite upright compared to other horses
  • Their bodies are quite flexible
  • They have a strong muscle
  • Its eyes are big, oval, light
    colored and blue.
  • They have a long and noble
  • They are docile

horses have taken their names from the ‘Teke’
tribe living in Akhal region of Turkmenistan. Because of their power and noble properties,
they have also been involved in Manas epic and Dede Korkut’s stories. There are
also Ahal Teke monuments in Turkmenistan and every April 27th date is
celebrated as ‘Horse Festival’.

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